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campaigning for
plant based options on every school menu

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About the Campaign

All too often, parents and carers across Kent are having to endure an exhausting battle to arrange plant-based options at school for their children who do not consume meat and dairy products for ethical, religious, medical or other reasons.

The Plant Powered Pupils campaign aims to solve this problem by convincing every UK County Council to guarantee a plant-based option on every menu. 

Plant Powered Pupils is a collaboration between The Vegan Society, Animal Aid, Primary Veducation, Vegan Inclusive Education, ProVeg UK, Sevenoaks Green Party and parents throughout Kent.


Our Approach

Parents have told us that, on requesting plant-based options, they are sent back and forth between schools and caterers. To avoid this game of bat and ball, and because parents, carers and children shouldn't be discriminated against because of their dietary requirements, we are lobbying Kent County Council to replace requirement for a vegetarian option on every school menu with a nutritious and delicious plant-based option on every school menu.


Our initial objective is to convince Kent County Council to guarantee a plant-based option on every school menu


Once we achieve this goal, we will be looking to encourage all County Councils in the UK to make the same committment.


Support the Campaign


Please complete our short survey to help demonstrate the scale of the problem to Kent County Council.


We have created a petition to so you can show your support for the campaign and help us convince Kent County Council that there is a need for plant-based options at schools. Please sign and share.


Being a parent or carer of a plant powered child can be isolating, worrying and upsetting. Join our network to link up with others in the same boat, share stories and reach out for support.


An open letter has been sent to Kent County Council to explain the campaign and the steps we are asking them to take. If your organisation would like to appear on the list of supporters, please email your name, business name and logo to us at

Research and Stats


of an individual's food related carbon emissions could be scrapped by switching to a plant-based diet


of Kent parents/carers have struggled to arrange a school meal for their vegan child


of Kent parents/carers haven't even tried to get their vegan child a school meal as they didn't think it possible


Researchers from Oxford University have concluded that eating a plant-based diet could be the single biggest way to reduce an individual’s environmental impact on the planet.

Committee on Climate Change have explicitly stated that the public sector need to "take a strong lead by providing plant-based options in schools and hospitals".

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